Gay Berlin in October

It's all happening in gay Berlin in October: Germany Reunification Day (Tag der Deutschen Einheit, Mon 3), then Hustlaball (Friday 21) and Chantal's 17th birthday and ending with a few Halloween celebrations.

In depth we have: Sunday 2 Fuck Patriotism, Love Feminism at Südblock; Thursday 20 Chantal celebrates 17 years of shame (pictured); Friday 21 Hustlaball at Kitkat; Saturday 22 SchwuZ celebrate 16 years of Madonnamania; and then there are Halloween parties at die Busche, GMF (in Alte Münze), Kitkat, Südblock and Monster Ronsons from Friday 28 to Monday 31.

For all that and more check out the gay Berlin calendar or scroll down for club by club listings.

lab.oratory in October

Photo by A. Huber
This month industrial gay sex club lab.oratory  starts with Sewer System (Sat 1), showers you with the Yellow Facts beer bust on the national holiday (Mon 3) and gets rubbery at Gummi (Sat 15). Other parties include the monthly Anal Deep Throat party (Sat 8) and the Friday 2-4-1 nights.

lab.oratory is just round the corner from Berghain at Wriezener Karee, Berlin-Friedrichshain.  If you've been in lab earlier and get a stamp you can queue jump into Berghain and only pay 6€. It's all in the gay Berlin calendar.
Click the headline for details.

KitKat in October

Photo by A. Huber
Mostly sexy, mixed and calm plus gay club night Piep Show on the 24th, KitKat is open Fridays, Saturdays, Sunday mornings (Afterhour) and two Mondays. This month starts with the huge Wasteland party on October 1st and has the infamous Hustla Ball on October 21. At the end of the month will be a Bizarre Halloween party (Sat 29).

Club Kitkat is at Brückenstr. 1, Mitte or sometimes the entrance is round the corner by the exit to the U-Bahn. It's all in the gay Berlin calendar. Click the headline for full details.

Chantal's House of Shame in October

Photo by A. Huber
Gay club Chantals House of Shame is open every Thursday for trashed trannies, young babes. Anything goes in Chantal's medium-sized utterly shameful dance bar -- unless the straight bar assistant catches you. 
This month Chantal's infamous night turns 17 on October 20.
Open from 23:00, show at 01:30. Entry 10€. Watch out for day changes to Friday and early start times at the end of the month.

It's at Bassy, Schönhauser Allee 176a Prenzlauer Berg. Click the headline for all the performers and times. All this and more in your gay Berlin calendar.

GMF in October

Photo by A. Huber
Hot Autumn nights on top of Berlin at the Weekend club!
This month at the turntables Stella de Stroy, Superzandy, Maringo and Charlet C. House.
There will also be Bob Young's annual Halloween Masquerade on October 29 at the Alte Münze, Am Krögel 2 in Berlin-Mitte.

Apart from New Year, GMF is at Klosterstrasse 44, 10179 Berlin and runs every Sunday from 23:00 through to 06:00. Its all in the gay Berlin calendar.
Click the headline for full DJ line ups.

Berghain in October

Photo by A. Huber
Acclaimed by many as Berlin's finest dance club, Berghain / Panorama Bar is open on most Fridays and Saturdays this month.
This months specials are the Polymorphism #21 x Naafi (Thu 13) and Electric Minds x Morphine 11 on October 14. There are some concerts during the week.

Berghain is at Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Friedrichshain. Parties are in your gay Berlin calendar. Click the headline for night by night details.

Quälgeist in October

Photo by A. Huber
Gay SM sex club Quälgeist: featuring SM sex, bondage, with some mixed sessions. 
This months specials include the Nappy weekend (Fri 7-Sun 9) and the Autumn Bondage weekend at the end of the month.
Click the headline for more details and it's all in your gay Berlin calendar. Quälgeist is at Mehringdamm 51, Berlin-Kreuzberg in the back corner of the last backyard.

SO36 in October

Photo by A. Huber
Feels like back in 1977. Pack you Roller Skates and go to SO36 on Monday the 17th for the Roller Skate Disco! Other specials include the tranny contest Wigstöckl (Sat 8) and Pansy's drag show party (Fri 14). The oriental  Gayhane will be on October 29. There will also be the very popular Night Flea Market (Wed 12).
Don't miss the book release party SO36 from 1978 to now (Mon 28).
SO36 is at at Oranienstr 190, Kreuzberg.
All parties are in the gay Berlin calendar. Click the headline for full details.

Südblock in October

Photo by A. Huber
This month's highlights at gay bar/club/cafe Südblock include the opening of the new Flittchenbar season by Christiane Rösinger (Fri 7), followed by Sampson's CherrYO-kie (Fri 21) and 
the Halloween Special by Pansy with Stevie Nicks (Sat 29). 
There will also be a pub quiz on October 25.
They are all in your gay Berlin calendar.
Click the headline for full listings. Südblock is at Admiralstrasse 1-2, Berlin-Kreuzberg. Normally closed Monday daytime.
Open Sundays from 10:00, otherwise from 12:00.

SchwuZ in October

Photo by A. Huber
This month SchwuZ starts with Bump the Retro Studio (Sat 1), has the 16th anniversary of Madonnamania (Sat 22) and the Naked Hits Party (Sun 23).
Apart from that enjoy the regular Electronic Thursdays (Pornceptual on Thu 20),  Popkicker (Sat 8) and the Proxi Club (Sat 29)!

SchwuZ is at Rollberg Strasse 26, Berlin-Neukölln. All this and and more in your gay Berlin calendar. Click the headline for full details.

Connection in October

Photo by A. Huber
It's Hustla Ball  this month with special parties like Testosteron (Thu 20), Orgasm by Pornmania (Fri 21) plus Biohazardmen (Sat 22). There will also be a Playtime party on October 28.
Click the headline for details every night.
All this and more in your gay Berlin calendar. Gay club Connection is at Fuggerstrasse 33, Berlin-Schöneberg.

Böse Buben in October

Photo by A. Huber
SM and Spanking mischief at Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and some Sundays. 
This month starts with a Cocksucker's Contest (Fri 7) and ends with Pumpstation 2.0 (Sun 23) to test your limits.
The other Sunday afternoons are dedicated to fisting.
Specials this month include the Hustla-Fist Special (Sat 22) and the Rustic Oktoberfest on October 15.
There are also two chances for 
a Corporal Punishment (Sat 8 & 29).

Böse Buben (Bad Boys) bar is at Lichtenraderstr 32, Berlin Neukölln.
Dates are in your gay Berlin calendar. Click the headline for details.

Monster Ronson's in October

Photo by A. Huber
This month Monster Ronson's specials include the Drag Race All Stars public viewings presented by Pansy (Fri 7 & Fri 21)
Enjoy the regulars Panty Splatters (Thu 13) and the Multisexual Boxhopping on Mondays and treat yourself to a Liquid Brunch on Sundays.
The Blue Tuesdays are joined by the Berlin Pop Choir! Come to Ronson's pumpkin carving on October 31.

Monster Ronson's is at Warschauer Strasse 34, Berlin-Kreuzberg it is open daily from 19:00. It's all in the gay Berlin calendar.
Click the headline for full details.

Die Busche in October

Photo by A. Huber
What more could chavvy, trashy East Berlin gay boys want for a night out in April? Die Busche is serving up its inimitable mix of cheesy chart classics all over the month with the Special Friday regulars. 
Other specials this month include the pre national holiday party Back to DDR (Sun 2) and the Dykes party (Fri 14).

(Die) Busche is at Warschauer Platz 18, Friedrichshain.
All this and more in your gay Berlin calendar.

Möbel Olfe in October

Photo by A. Huber
Kreuzberg's wildly popular, mostly gay bar Möbel Olfe started life as a furniture store - check the chairs stuck to the ceiling. Most Tuesdays are girls evenings, Thursdays are more full-on gay than other nights  and other parties run on most Fridays and every Saturday.
Möbel Olfe is in Kottbusser Tor, Kreuzberg. This and more in your gay Berlin calendar. Click the headline for all the DJs.

Lets talk about sex and drugs

David Stuart, activist and protagonist of last years documentary Chemsex started this series of open talks in London.

Berlin based HIV doctor Martin Viehweger brought it to Berlin earlier this year. This third installment at Musik & Frieden is hosted by Pansy and promisses an evening of information, stage show and talk about sex and party drugs.

It's going to be on Wednesday Sept 28 from 7pm at Musik & Frieden on Falckensteinstr. 48 in 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg. Entry is free.
For more information please click here or got to the FB page.

Summer ends at ://about party

For a last time this Summer there will be 48 hours of queer hedonistic party at the ://about party garden. The DJs include residents Akirahawks, Paolo di Nola, Jacob Meehan and others. BTW it's called Buttons. 

It begins on Friday September 16 at midnight.
://about party is at Markgrafendamm 24c in 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain. More at
It's also in your gay Berlin calendar.

10 years Café Finovo

photo by Jens Schommer
In 2006 drag queen Ichgola Andogyn aka Bernd Boßmann opened her café at the Alter Matthäus Kirchhof, a cemetery in Schöneberg. It became a meeting point for queers, mourners and neighbors. On September 16 will be a celebration with coffee and cake at 2006 prices from 3 pm.

The Alter Matthäus Kirchhof is at Großgörschenstrasse 12-14 in 10829 Berlin-Schöneberg. U-Bahn/S-Bahn Yorckstrasse. More at and on FB.

Folsom Berlin 2016

Folsom returns to Berlin Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 September, so expect multitudes of men gloriously dressed in exotic rubber and leather costumes.

The best places to see them or join in the fun is at the street fair on Saturday and Sunday in Fugger Strasse. The organizers remind us to "keep our genitals covered" because Fugger Strasse is a good residential area. There will be plenty of opportunities to uncover genitals at some of the other parties including Dungeon No Disco, Revolver and the rather expensive Pig Party.

Click the headline for a full list of parties, boat trips and other events. They are also in our gay Berlin calendar.